Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Lovely Vacation

We just returned home after a wonderful visit to La Crosse. This week is Ryan’s Spring Break and I was able to get two days off in a row. So as soon as possible Monday morning, we hit the road. By 5:00am Hubby, Theseus and I were on a train toward Union Station, where we caught a bus to Madison.
A chilly morning waiting for the bus outside Union Station
Theseus is all ready to go in Daddy's lap!
We got into Madison at 9:00am and went straight to Chapel. It was SO nice to be back there!! We visited with Todd, Judy, and Carol, the pastor’s wife, and caught up briefly on what has been going on around Chapel. We didn’t warn them that we were coming and so when they saw our faces, they were most pleasantly surprised! Best of all, my dear Ashley met us at Chapel. I first texted her at 10:30 the night before telling her that we’d be in Madison at 9am and without hesitation, she made sure to meet us there and spend every possible minute with us! What an incredible friend, to clear her schedule first thing on Monday morning and meet with us! We had a lovely visit.

Hubby’s brother Daron kindly picked us up from Madison and brought us back to La Crosse. He is currently without a job and just applied for one with the hopes that he can soon start life on his own, out of the house so please keep him and his success in your prayers!

We were greeted at the door with a happy fluffy black dog and oh did it ever feel great to be back. After getting settled in, it didn’t take long before we were ready for a nap. The nap finished off our afternoon and by evening we were on our way to Rochester with our parents to visit Uncle Mitch, Aunt Robin, and their children. Katilyn even made the trip down from Minneapolis to see us! We all shared dinner and spent the rest of the night visiting. I LOVE my new family! When we told Robin and Mitch that we’d be visiting and that we were hoping to see Katilyn too, they didn’t hesitate a moment to invite us all over for dinner and spend their whole Monday night (which became quite late!) visiting with us. And for Katilyn to make it down considering her late night at work and extra early next morning was just too much kindness for us. We had a looovely time!  We really have the best friends and family anyone could ever dream of.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day. I heard that it hit 60 degrees in La Crosse! Hubby and Fahj enjoyed the weather by going for a run and playing tennis. Meem and I enjoyed the weather by chatting out on the porch swing and then putting on some sandals and getting manicures and pedicures! We even spent some time in the kitchen with the windows wide open. It almost felt like summer again. Gorgeous! It was such a perfect and relaxing day. It really felt like vacation. Since we couldn’t go to a warm place for Spring Break, God brought to warmth to us!

By 5:30 we had to be on our way back home. Daron took us back to Madison, where we spent a short while in Der Rathskeller at Memorial Union and then we got back on the bus with Theseus. As I am writing this, my husband and our kitty are sound asleep next to me. Perfect. This vacation was so rejuvenating! I am refreshed and ready to get back to work. After a long stretch of working with just one day off, I really needed a break. Now I’m ready to work, ready to cook, ready to clean, and ready to be super-wifey!! I sure love this life we’ve made together!

XO Natalie