Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making A Home

Since getting married and moving, I have had so much fun making our little apartment into our first home. Family photos on the wall, handmade coasters on the coffee table next to a beautiful onyx chess set, a handknit blanket on the couch, baskets and shelves overflowing with yummy yarn, law books stacked neatly by the study chair, a furry little kitty running around – there is no mistaking this for anyone’s home but ours.

I’ve been working on creating a bit of an entryway, so we have a place for our snowy boots and coats, along with our handknit scarves, hats, and mittens. Sticks and berries from the nearby park and stones from the beach make for some truly natural beauty.
One of our favorite songs is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
“Home is wherever I’m with you”

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gives Thanks to the Lord, our God and King

His love endures forever!!

These are the opening lyrics to one of my favorite songs that I sang while I was a part of the Worship Band at Chapel in Madison
Here and here are some of our performances on our drummers blog.

I am home alone this Thanksgiving. I have to work for Black Friday, so hubby made the trip home by himself this year. No doubt, it's a bummer to be away from my family, and especially my husband, but I have more than enough blessings to bring me joy this holiday. This year has been SO full of blessings. I must keep God pretty busy.

Firstly, I thank God for my husband. He has brought my more joy than anything or anyone in this world has ever brought me.

For a marriage founded on Christ Jesus, the rock of our salvation
For my always lovely friend, Katilyn, and her and Jason's wedding that I was blessed to be a part of
For the many ways God shows us His glory
For the rewards of work
For my lovely, growing family (I have a new niece!!!!)
For my new family! Wow, I love these people
For my silly best friends
For a safe landing in our new home
For the support of these wonderful people to go through life with
For the incredible opportunity to travel to China
For the peace and productivity that my knitting brings me
For my graduation from a world-class university
For the blessings of Prayer
For our precious, goofy Theseus

The list is truly endless. Praise God for his innumerable blessings!

There is so much to celebrate this Thanksgiving! Woo-hoo!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Target Volunteers

I spent Veteran's day morning with over one hundred other Target team members and community volunteers while we helped Brenneman Elementary School get some much needed work done. 

We started our morning with huddle warm-ups – the exercises we do together at the beginning of every morning and evening shift. I see some lovely form for those arm circles!
We were then divided into groups for different tasks. Some went outside to clean up the yard and playground. Some went to the kitchen to do a deep cleaning. I was assigned to the group that got to repaint a teacher’s classroom! I was so thrilled to be in the painting group. I love painting and haven’t been able to do it much the past few summers.

The classroom was already bright yellow, and the teacher wanted red accents on the beams, the built-in bookshelf, and the inside of her closet doors.
I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this! I wouldn’t have rather spent my morning any other way. I got to paint, spend time away from work with my awesome co-workers, and we were fed a great lunch! They were so thankful for the help, and we were so happy to do it.

I think I need to spend more time in elementary schools. They are just way too precious.