Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy New(lywed) Year!

I’m back!! After a very long break from the blog, I’m back and so happy to be. The New Year has been very exciting so far! Hubby and I had the chance to explore Chicago a bit more while he was on break. We are trying to visit every museum in Chicago and we started with Art Institute and the Museum of Science and Industry. We have also gotten to explore the city along the lakeshore trail by bike.
On a related note, I have started running again! This is the first serious attempt at running since my hardware-removal surgery this summer and I can feel such a difference! My knee and shin used to get so irritated after just two or three miles, but now I don’t feel a thing in my leg! I’m training for a 5k race that hubby and I are doing together for Valentine’s Day. So sweet! I love running with him and he’s thrilled to have such a cute running partner

Theseus came with us while we traveled around Wisconsin for Christmas and he was such a good kitty. Although he was a bit hesitant at times, I think he really enjoyed seeing the world and getting love from all of our family. There is no doubt that our fluffy little critter loves his new family.
 There is so much love to be celebrating this New Year. One of my bridesmaids, Ashley, just recently got engaged! I am so thrilled to be a part of her wedding just like she was in mine. Congratulations Ashley and Nate!! 
Another of my bridesmaids, Kati, celebrated her first anniversary with her husband! These couples are such model couples for us. We have all learned so much from one another over the past few years, and we are incredibly blessed to go on through life all together.
  Quite possibly the most exciting news in my life this New Year is a possible promotion at work! Things have been relatively slow-moving while everyone at work recovers from the holidays and sets up the biggest transition of the year (Spring is arriving at Target!). Nonetheless, my mentors and managers have been spending as much time as possible prepping me for my upcoming interviews and giving me so much helpful advice. It is so encouraging to be working for people who invest themselves in people before products.

If I do get this promotion, it would mean working about 60 hours per week! It would be wonderful for many, many reasons, but I’m sure my knitting time will be deeply cut into. (So will my housekeeping time, so do be prepared if you come to visit!)  Until that time, I am hoping to finish up a few unfinished projects that have been lingering around here. More on that in the next post! It's time for a hot cocoa date with my hubby! 

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  1. This is just delightful, Natalie! I 'eagerly' await your next post and sweet words about your hubby (my dear son).