Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Most Blessed Easter

I hope you all had a most blessed Easter celebration! The last few days of Holy Week are an incredible emotional rollercoaster. Friday’s reflections bring such deep guilt and sorrow for Christ’s unimaginable suffering and overwhelming anger at Satan and what he has done to this world. Sunday, however, brings the purest and sincerest joy! The promised Messiah conquered the wretched evil of this world and invites us all to join Him in what is now our heavenly home through Him. God is SO great and SO merciful!

We were blessed to have spent the weekend with my family, both to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, and our nephew’s (and my Godson’s) second birthday!
Seeing our rapidly growing nieces and nephew is such a treat. I love them so much. What is it about children that stirs up such unconditional love? It will be so exciting if/when the Lord blesses us with children, but until then these little ones fill my heart with more joy and love than I ever knew was possible.

My parents were sure to fill our bags with mason jars filled with homemade applesauce, strawberry jam and all sorts of other yummy garden goodies. I also stole some chives from Dad’s backyard. I took photos of the whole process partially because everything was so beautiful, and partially because I wanted to document what I did so that I can know what I did when mistakes or successes occur. 
Step One: Fill jar with a bit of gravel for water drainage (I have no idea if this will help or not)
Reusing a lovely old candle jar
Step Two: Dig up some yummy compost. I sure wish we could compost in Chicago! 
Step Three: Fill the jar nearly full of compost, leaving enough room for the root system of the plant
Step Four: Steal some chives, being careful not to rip or dig through too many roots 
Step Five: Shake off excess dirt
Step Six: Place stolen chives in the jar, letting the roots fall naturally downward
Step Seven: Fill the jar with more of that yummy compost, 1/4-1/2 inch from the rim 
Isn't it lovely?! I love being able to see the layers of dirt and little bits of root through the glass. They will be especially beautiful once their purple flowers bloom. I can't wait to enjoy the chives on potatoes, in salads, and everywhere else I can sprinkle them! Thanks Dad and Diane!

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