Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Although Theseus stayed at home while we traveled this past weekend, we did bring a little friend with us. Meet Ribbit.
This little guy was my nephew’s birthday gift. I can’t decide whether my favorite part is his bubbly little toes or that his body is filled with a tennis ball so that he bounces.
He and I had a fun time exploring the garden. 
I haven't been knitting much lately so it felt wonderful to spend the majority of Friday with my feet up, accompanied by a cup of tea and a soft kitty, and of course, Ribbit. 

Speaking of knitting, I've been forgetting to put up a photo of the winter set I made for Hubby! He got mittens last winter, and a matching hat and scarf this winter. Upgrading from boyfriend to Hubby seems to have its perks :)

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