Friday, October 28, 2011


Taylor is a very dear friend and classmate of mine, who also made two of my lovely bridesmaid dresses.  She is an incredibly talented design student and she is sure to be successful no matter where she ends up or what she does. Taylor is studying at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York this year and will certainly need something warm and cozy to get through the New York winter, and many chilly nights at the studio if it’s anything like UW-Madison.

I saw this gorgeous pattern at The Knitting Tree while completing my internship there this summer and I knew it had to be Taylor’s. The mustardy-gold is such a Taylor color and she is always wearing triangular scarves.

After many months of knitting away at this, it is finally done! I can’t wait to send it off to New York!
I learned a lot about knitting lace with this project. It was the perfect blend of extreme focus and mindlessness. 
So many beautiful memories were knit into this – the wedding, the U-haul drive to Chicago, the first few chilly nights in our new apartment, bus rides to and from downtown to visit my hubby. There is so much love in every stitch.
 The shawl in progress, just after moving to Chicago

My very dear Taylor, thank you for everything you’ve done – for spending hundreds of hours with me at the studio, many of which were spent making wedding garments, and for being such a stunning example of a textile and apparel designer. You are such a wonderful friend! I love you and miss you so much!

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