Monday, October 15, 2012


While I was at work a couple days ago, I got a text message from my husband saying, “Be nice to kitty and my new friend when you get home ;)”

“New friend?” I replied. “Oh boy, what am I going to find when I get home?” We had been talking about getting a fish so maybe he just went ahead and picked one up. 

Wrong. Not even close actually. Instead I found a squirrel named Tiger. What the heck? What was my husband thinking? His wisdom is always a little beyond me :)

This little guy climbed a brick wall five stories high where he caught Theseus’s attention on our porch. Hubby opened our screen door and Theseus jumped out and chased him inside. He literally hung out on our screen door for quite a while, where he was supplied with bread and water. Maybe this could be kitty’s new friend!
Theseus is hiding behind the pillow :)
When Hubs opened the door a bit to see what Theseus would do, Tiger jumped into our apartment, where he was chased into our bathroom by a feisty grey cat. Eek!
Hubby is trying to feed the little guy :)
He's petting Tiger with the towel! 
Kitty looks very interested
We let him hang out for a while since Theseus seemed to quite like having some company. Sometimes when ridiculous things like this happen, it really is just best to go with the flow. Okay cool, there is a wild squirrel named Tiger living in our bathroom. Once dinner-time came though, it really was time to go. We tried to pull him down so we could release him back into the wild, but he squirmed away and fell into the bathtub. Did we really think we could loosen this guy's grip without being stabbed by his giant claws? Not really. He jumped out of the tub and hid behind our sink and found a jungle gym of pipes and a safe haven inside of the pedestal section of our sink. Uh-oh. Now how were we going to get him out?! Bad Tiger!
We spent a good portion of the night devising creative ways to get him out of there and he finally came out and ran right toward the window he come in. Hooray! In all of his haste, he bumped into the partially closed sliding glass door and re-routed himself to the kitchen where he found a hole leading directly underneath our cabinets. Aw Man! Why would anyone leave a hole that led underneath our cabinets?! Again we (including Thesie!) tried to lure him out before we went to sleep for the night. To make an hours-long story short, he finally found his way out and we all slept soundly that night. 

We learned that we are more effective at getting rid of squirrels peacefully than the 24-7 pest removal company that apparently doesn't answer calls after 11pm. We also learned that squirrels have a very wide range of vocalizations, one of which sounds like an "old man fart" according to the expert in the matter...ehem (that would be my male counterpart). 

What a goofy adventure! It wasn't exactly convenient to spend almost our entire night trying to remove this rodent, but it was pretty funny. Thankfully no animals or humans were injured in the making of this production. A note to the wise: even the best-behaved squirrels do not make good pets for cats. They poop all over and don’t take direction very well  :)

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