Saturday, May 19, 2012

Knitting In the Neighborhood

Today was my day off and another beautiful day brought another opportunity to knit/read in the park with hubby and kitty. We laid out our blanket on top of a hill that overlooked the distant downtown skyline. Theseus found shade under our sheet.
 I finally remembered to take some photos of my knitting! These are hubby’s long-time-coming socks. I’m so happy to have them done, and he loves being able to wear them yet when the evenings get chilly.
The piece underneath the socks is a chunky, squishy wool blanket that I decided to start last week. It mocks a traditional quilting technique called “log cabin”. Although it looks quite simple, I’ve been able to learn some new techniques and refine others. It uses some beautiful single-ply Peruvian Highland wool yarn by Cascade called Magnum in all of the colors of our living room!
Creating a home in an apartment when we have limited time, space, and resources, and given my love of making everything myself has been a slow and sometimes challenging process. There is still a lot about our apartment that looks like we’re just a couple of college kids. I hope to change that overtime by scattering more and more personal, handmade touches throughout our home.
In addition to personalizing our home, I adore having the ability to create my own wardrobe with nothing more than my own two hands, creativity, and some beautiful fiber. This pretty pink alpaca/cotton top was finished last summer but I haven’t managed to photograph it until now! This is a pattern by Rowan called Martha from their Homestead Classics publication. 
Theseus was being a silly kitty and trying to scoot away so I had to hold him while hubby took photos. After taking pictures, we realized that Thesie was desperately looking for a litter box. He’s such a gentleman of a kitty. He refused to dig in some loose dirt in front of us. Rather, he just held it until we got home. No accidents this time! Good kitty. He was a bit dramatic though. Such a pose! I love Hubby's face here, trying not to laugh at our poor distressed kitty. 

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